Neglected Nordics

Modern Magazine, July 2018

NAMES SUCH AS ALVAR AALTO OF FINLAND, Hans Wegner of Denmark, and Stig Lindberg of Sweden roll off the tongue of even a modestly informed admirer of Scandinavian modernism. True aficionados can readily identify three, four, or as many as five star designers of the mid-twentieth century from each country in the region—except, very likely, for one: Norway.

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Freedom of Weeds

Feature: Landscape Architecture Magazine in July 2018

When Lise Duclaux arrived for a residency at the International Studio & Curatorial Program in Brooklyn, New York, it was a particularly harsh winter. Neverthe- less, the artist frequently walked the streets of the industrial neighborhood bordering Newtown Creek, a designated Superfund site.

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Preparing Tomorrow's Cyber Warriors

Cover story for West Point alumni magazine, Summer 2018

In remarks at the 2016 AUSA Convention in Washington DC, General Mark A. Milley, Chief of Staff of the Army, outlined the challenging 21st Century strategic environment, where future wars will be fought “on a non-continuous, non-linear battlefield, with little higher command supervision and maximum decentralization.” Crises will unfold rapidly, decision cycles will compress, and response times will narrow. A vital part of the U.S. Army’s readiness in such an environment is its capabilities in cyber defense.

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Paterson Falls Rising

Cover Story: Landscape Architecture Magazine, August 2016

Paterson, New Jersey, is a tough town. Gang violence is prevalent, teachers are being laid off, and nearly 30 percent of the city’s residents live in poverty. But the city’s got soul. On Market Street, the lively main thoroughfare, bachata music spills from 99-cent stores, and the scent of Peruvian food wafts through the air. Paterson has been a magnet for immigration since the 19th century, and the reason why is found nearby. Twenty minutes from the center of town is the Great Falls, now part of Paterson Great Falls National Historic Park, where the Passaic River makes a majestic drop of 77 feet off basalt rock cliffs before it continues its twisted path. These are the falls that made Paterson.

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40 Years of Women at West Point

Cover story: West Point Magazine, Summer 2016

It was a small moment back in April at the Athena’s Arena Conference celebrating 40 years of women at West Point, but it was significant in its insignificance. Two female alumni from the Class of ‘94 passed through a doorway while two female cadets held the door. Thanks were exchanged, and that was that. Later, when asked about the encounter, neither alumna thought much of it. 

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